Je m’appelle Camille Vidal, but you can call me Cami, I’m a wellness advocate, a yoga teacher, a drinks & cocktail expert and the founder of La Maison Wellness, the home of the healthy hedonist and an online inspiration for Living Well.

Born and raised in the south of France, but I now live in London. I set up La Maison Wellness as a mindful community that brings together 10 years of my experience from across the health & wellness community and the food & beverage industry.

I’ve spent many hours and many more miles traveling around the world; practicing, eating, drinking and enjoying life. My mission is to celebrate the healthy hedonist lifestyle and empower people to live well, with less labels.

Oui la vie est belle!

My mantra is Drink Well, Eat Well, Live Well because living WELL means doing everything With Enjoyment and a Love for Life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and I hope you will find on here the inspiration to live you life well.

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Founder, La Maison Wellness

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The Healthy Hedonist

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La Maison Wellness is a creative consulting agency specialised in Mindful Drinking with no & low ABV cocktails and Healthy Hedonist Lifestyle. From cocktail creation, to brand consulting, event organisations, creative workshops, La Maison Wellness is on a mission to Inspire, Educate and Create.

La Maison Wellness has done some collaborations with great brands and venues to name a few:
Soho House, Hoxton Hotel, Bourne & Hollingsworth, Bloomsburry Hotel, Tales of the Cocktails, Wanderlust Festival and brands such as Seedlip, Aecorn, Everleaf, Small Beer Brew company, London Essence company, OTO cbd, Real Kombucha, Sassy Cider, St-Germain and more.

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Sassy Cider
Real Kombucha
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Palais des thés
Coconut Collaborative

Soho House
Bourne & Hollingsworth
Ace Hotel 
Hoxton Hotel