Bonjour! 5 Morning Stretches

Make sure you wake up each morning with you as the priority. Here are a mindful movements and morning stretches to get you ready for the day ahead? How good does that morning stretch feel?! And not only it feels good its also so good for you!

At night your muscles lose tone and fluid because the body isn’t moving as much, stretching first thing in the morning help massage fluids back into the muscles, improving blood circulation and making that morning stretch an efficient way to get back into your body and your muscles in action. Just a few minutes has proven to improve blood pressure, posture, flexibility and overall energy level.

So why not taking a few minutes to stretch in the morning les amis, it feels good and your muscles say oui merci!

Ps: If you have un chat (a cat) like me, she might get involved and show you how its done! Olive LOVES morning stretches.

cami morning stretch hips bed


Sit comfortably on your bed, long spine lengthening through the crown of the head, bring the soles of the feet together and let the knees fall out to the sides.
To open more use your hand to press on the inner edges to open the feet like the book and gently press your elbows in the inner tights.

Stay there for 5 breathes oui cinq!

To get out of the pose, place your hands on the outside of the knees to help gently close the legs back into a resting position.

morning stretch cami london yoga

2// Seated cow/CAT

Sit cross legged and comfortably placing hands on the knees. Inhale through the nose, broaden your collarbones, open the chest, shine the heart forward creating gentle flection in the spine.

morning stretch cami london yoga

Seated cat/COW

Moving from seated cow, exhale round the back, dome the upper, press your hands on your knees as you breath into the back body, lengthening and extending the spine.

Do 5 round of seated cat / cow following your breathe inhaling cow, exhaling cat

side stretch morning yoga bed cami

3 // side stretch

Sit cross legged and comfortably placing hands on the knees. Place one hand next to your hip, bringing your other arm up and over your head. Let the elbow of the grounded arm lean to that side. inhale and exhale through the nose. Feel the stretch on your side rib cage.

Stay for 5 breathes and switch side.


4 // seated twist

Place right hand on opposite knee, and left hand behind you comfotably.
Inhale lengthens your spine sit tall
Exhale twist from your middle back.

Stay for 3 breathes and switch side.

legs up morning stretch cami bed

5//legs up the wall

This restorative version of a shoulder stand is my favorite and the bed is a great comfy place to do it!

You get all the benefit of an inversion, with less work! Its calming, grounding and energising all at the same time!

Shimmy your hips as close to the wall as possible, extend your legs along the wall. Your body will be in an L shape, you can cactus your arms or extend in a T shape.
Flex your feet for a more active pose or just relax!

Breathe and stay a long as you want

Et voilà!

Short and sweet, just a few stretches that wont take you long to do in the morning but will set you up for a great day

Bonne journée x

Mindful LivingCamille Vidal