Bulle Royale



BULLE ROYAL // A light and refreshing bubbly cocktail with delicate fruity & floral notes
Parfait for a daytime delight!


Juice a fresh pink grapefruit, strain the juice delicately to remove pulp. Chill Kombucha and the soda water and add cocktail.
Combine all ingredients in a chilled flute.
Stir gently and garnish with edible flower et voilá!

Raise your glass and say Santé!

notes &
Favourite Flavours

Try Royal Flush from Real Kombucha for this daytime delight

With a fruity and floral palette, this kombucha is dry and elegant which works as a perfect match for this cocktail.



- 20ml St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur
- 10ml fresh grapefruit juice
- 60ml Kombucha
- 60ml Soda Water
- 1 Edible Flower


Edible Flower


Flûte (champagne glass)

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