A long and refreshing non alcoholic cocktail with elegance & character!


Honey water

Honey water is a great way to balance your cocktail without adding anything nasty or making to sweet.

  1. Pick a good quality of honey ideally something for your local famers. Did you know that eating honey that has been made in your area can help with allergies like hay fever as the bees have pollinated in flowers you are in contact with.

  2. equal part honey and hot water

  3. stir you melt the honey

  4. Keep the honey water in the fridge
    (it will last a week)


Everleaf is a beautiful non alcoholic bittersweet aperitif made with loads of different botanical.
Its an incredible product, delicous, versatile and made with consciousness Everleaf is a perfect ingredient for your non alcoholic cocktails.

London Essence Company makes some of my favorite crafted sodas and tonic water
Have a look at what they do its sooo delicieux!

Gimber captures the deliciousness and power of ginger in a bottle for you to use easily. Either as a cocktail ingredient or just with water for your morning routine.



- 30ml Everleaf aperitif
- 1 tsp Gimber ginger
- 1 tsp of honey water
- Top up with London Essence & Co Ginger Beer


Orange wheels



Build the cocktail over ice in a highball, give a gentle stir to mix ingredients, garnish et voila!

Raise your glass and say santé!

Drink WellCamille Vidal