A warming and grounding modern take on the classic Ayurvedic cleansing food.

Time prep: 20 minutes
cook time: 40 minutes
servings: 4


1 . Rinse and soak mung dal & quinoa overnight

2 . Measure out al l spices into a cup

3 . Add ghee / oil into large pot . Add all the spices and sauté on a medium heat until fragrant (careful not to burn !)

4 . Stir in mung dal , quinoa and mung beans

5 . Add water and chopped veggies. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and put lid on.

6 . Cook for around 30-40mins, adding more water if needed. Ensure dal and beans are completely soft. You should be able to squish between your fingers easily.

7 . Serve with coconut yoghurt and green chutney

notes &

Green Chutney buy it or make it your own!

 • juice from a lime

 • 1 green chill de-seeded

 • 1/4 cup of olive oil

 • a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger

 • a handful of coriander, parsley & mint

 • 1 tsp cumin

 • salt & pepper

Put all ingredients into a nutria bullet or kitchen whiz until a smooth paste, put into an airtight container . Will keep in the fridge for a couple weeks or you can freeze it.

Recipes from Shani FitBirds Fitness and Cami founder of La Maison Wellness Mindful Supper Club



  • 1 cup o f ye l low mung dal

    •  1 cup o f quinoa

    • .  cup of mung beans

    •  2 Tbsp o f ghee or coconut oil

    •  4 cardamom pods

    •  2 sweet potatoes

    •  5 cups of water

    •  1 tsp b lack pepper

    •  1 tsp se a sa l t

    •  1 tsp g round coriander

    •  1 tsp ground cumin

    •  1 tsp ground ginger

    •  2 t sp fennel seeds

    •  2 tsp black mustard seeds

    •  2 tsp cumin seeds

    •  2 tsp turmeric


Coconut Yogurt and fresh coriander

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