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Cold Winter // Hiver Froid
Hot & spicy to shake up your winter cold


This is your perfect recipe for when feeling a little under the weather

Juice one lemon, chop a handful of ginger, add a whole garlic (no need to peel it off)
Combine all ingredients in a pot and gently cook over low heat for 20min. Strain into a tea cup, drink before bed and let the “magic” happen!

Obviously this is natural remedy so if you have a really bad cold I would highly recommend to see a doctor.


With turmeric you want to add a pinch of black pepper to active it and make it easier for your body to process and get the full benefit of it.

When it comes to essential oils you want to be careful on what to use and how to use them.
Not all essential oils can be taken internally and the quality is essential.
That’s why I love using DoTerra essential oils and this particular blend On Guard is your winter best friend.

Contact me for more info on DoTerra essential oil

Recipe inspired by mon ami Jacob Briars



- Lemon
- Garlic
- Ginger
- Honey
- Star anise

- Turmeric
- Black pepper (to activate the turmeric)
- Cayenne pepper
- On Guard DoTerra essential oil


Tea Cup

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