Living like a Healthy Hedonist

Sounds great, right? But I’m sure you’re thinking what does it mean and how can I do that? 

A Healthy Hedonist is someone who is seeking pleasure and happiness in a more mindful way: a person who wants to celebrate life but to also live consciously… It means enjoying the beautiful pleasures life has to offer, while being aware of the impact of our decisions on our body and our mind. 

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Most of us live a fast paced life! We define ourselves as busy and feel like we are running after time. Desperately, we try to juggle everything: family, work, maintaining a social life, finding love; not to mention trying to squeeze in some me-time and self love! 

It’s exhilarating, fun, meaningful, but I think we can all agree exhausting at times! It can make us feel like we are lacking in space: space around us, space in our head, space between the thoughts & space for ourselves. Between the constant stimulations from emails, social media, texts, phone calls, scrolling down, swiping left, right; we are missing the time for quiet and the space for connection with ourselves. 

What if you allowed yourself to find your space: to find a moment to breathe, to connect, to recharge, to recentre? 

Welcome to life as a healthy hedonist!

It’s about living mindfully and being aware of what you need to support yourself in the best way while appreciating each and every moment of life. It means living in the moment and allowing the time and the space to do so... Intentionally savouring the simple pleasures in life!

A nice walk through the park… sun kissing your skin… a crisp morning walk… taking the time to pause and breathe… eating something wholesome and delicious… or sharing a cocktail moment with friends…


Living Mindfully doesn't mean cutting things out of your life, it means growing the good things in your life!

A healthy Hedonist is someone who celebrates life, who creates their own balance and makes the most out of it in a mindful way; in a way that makes them feel good.

La Maison Wellness’ Tips for living life more mindfully, for embracing life as a healthy hedonist:

- Be more in the present. 

- Take time to appreciate what you have and the importance of what you are doing. 

- Listen to yourself, awareness is key in living the life that serves you the best 

- Offer kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. 

- Make time to find your space. 

- Come back to your breathe.

Being a healthy hedonist is about being present, mindful and celebrating life in a way that makes YOU feel good! 

We love to hear your experiences of living life like a healthy hedonist & the things that help you anchor to the present. Remember the lifestyle of a healthy hedonist isn’t prescribed, it’s about finding your own balance.

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Bisous x

Live WellCamille Vidal