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HOW TO BUILD a daily mediation practice


Mediation is a hot topic, it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but more importantly on everyone’s mind, and it’s the practice that all experts are now recommending. If you’re stressed, meditate. Can‘t sleep, meditate. Tired, meditate!

But what does a meditation practice really looks like?
It’s easy to imagine yourself sitting Easily on the top of a mountain, by yourself, while the sun rises and the picturesque environment settles you into bliss, but that’s not really how life is for all of us city dwellers.

So what does a meditation practice look like in our busy everyday life?
How do we meditate in the modern world?

A year ago, I was lucky to come across an amazing community project here in London called Just Breathe founded by Micheal James Wong a teacher, writer, speaker, yoga teacher, inspiring person and all around amazing human, as well as a beautiful group of volunteers working hard to make this community a very special place.
The mission of Just Breathe is simple, build a community, create space for connection and quiet; a space for everyone to turn the volume down and bring the conversation of modern mindfulness and meditation into the real world.
They, actually I should say, we (as I’m now part of the Just Breathe crew), organise monthly Quiet Club and Grand Gatherings bringing people together to learn and experience more.

And so a year ago I booked a ticket and I went to their “Grand Gathering”, this mass mediation and evening of mindfulness.
I had never heard of it before, and while I already had a daily yoga practice at the time, my meditation practice was close to nonexistent and definitely something I was finding very challenging. Its been an amazing journey discovering connection in stillness from my first grand gathering a year ago, to taking the Just Breathe “Learn To Meditate in the Real World’ Course and joining the Just Breathe Crew.

As I sit here writing this today, (Oct 2018) we’ve now just landed in Los Angeles where we will bring the Just Breathe Mediation to Wellspring, Wanderlust first wellness convention in Palm Spring. Excited to see the mediation practice around the world expand and to help and support all of you who want to start

See below my 8 steps to get started les amis
Remember there is many ways to meditate, find what works for you and don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions.

”Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
”Tout seul on ne peut faire que peu; ensemble nous pouvons faire tellement”
Helen Keller

Just Breathe // Volume 9 The Grand Gathering photo credit: @yogaandphoto

Just Breathe // Volume 9 The Grand Gathering photo credit: @yogaandphoto


  1. Close your eyes //
    Getting started is the hardest part, we often push back and postpone things we done know how to do and where to start.
    Start by closing your eyes for a moment and checking in with yourself.

  2.  Drop the expectations //

    There is loads of expectations and misconceptions when it comes to mediation. We close our eyes and expect something big to happen. You think you’ll reach enlightenment, or something grand will happen. Drop the expectation and open your mind, just let the experience unfold.

  3. Let go of the judgement //
    ”I can’t meditate, I can’t stop my mind” well good news nobody can! Thats just a fact we cant stop our thoughts coming through but we can learn how to create space between the thoughts. we can learn to distance ourselves from the thoughts the same way you would watch cloud passing in the sky.

  4. Breathe //
    Breathing is natural and automatic, it’s probably why we don’t pay very much attention to our breath, to the quality of our breath. In meditation your breathe will be your anchor to practice and a great way to relax your body and your mind.
    And when your mind wonder by bringing the attention to the inhalation and exhalation you will allow yourself to come back to the mediation and quiet the conversation with the monkey mind.

  5. Be Comfortable //
    Sit comfortably, let go of the image you see on google of the perfect mediation pose and allow your body to find stillness in a way that work for you. that might be sitting on a chair, against the wall, hugging a pillow to find support, letting to chin drop down,
    Note that lying down or resting the back of your head might makes you sleepy. This is the same when it comes to a part of your body that itch or your leg that fall asleep, do what you need to remove that distraction and come back to your practice.

  6. Start Small //
    Yes, a few minutes of meditation a day is good enough!
    Let go of the idea that to be beneficial mediation needs to be long, and/or the perfect experience. There is no such a thing as bad meditation. In an ideal world yes 20min twice a day morning and afternoon is the aim but start with whatever you can and remember that 5min meditation in the morning or 3 minutes between meetings will make a positive change in your day.

  7. Schedule It In //
    We live in a busy world a life start never stops for most of us. Schedule in those moment to come back to yourself, carve out space for your body and your mind to be at ease for a few minutes. Incorporate in into your daily routine the same way you brush your teeth every morning and evening. Or even better, use the practice as a tool anytime when you feel tired or need to recharge. When you feel overwhelmed to come back to your state of peace.

  8. Use an App //
    There is so many good options out there these days, @Insighttimer @HeadSpace and my favorite the @JustBreathe app that have all options, guided, music only, timer only. You don’t want to be stressing over the time, sometimes silence might be too much and the music will lead you and somedays you might need to feel like someone is gently holding your hand throughout the process.

  9. Open Your Eyes //
    That’s where the magic happens… when you open your eyes. Notice how you feel when you’re eyes are open and you’re filled with a sense of ease and a feeling of being more present. Regardless if the experience was gratifying or not the best you’ve experienced. Mediation enhances the life with eyes open without a doubt.

You now have all the keys in hand to get started and if you want to connect, share an experience and meet like minded people join us for our next Just Breathe Grand Gathering thickets available on here

Live Well,
Love Cami

Oct 26, 2018

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