A non-alcoholic twist on the classic Paloma cocktail salut!


Honey Water

Honey water is a great way to balance your cocktail without adding anything nasty or making it too sweet.

  1. Pick a good quality of honey ideally something from your local farmers. Did you know that eating honey that has been made in your area can help with allergies like hay fever as the bees have pollinated flowers you are in contact with.

  2. Equal parts honey and hot water

  3. Stir until you melt the honey

  4. Add a few drops of Rose and Rosemary Spice Drops. As well as 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil .

  5. Keep the honey water in the fridge (it will last a week)


Ceder’s Crisp is a non-alcoholic distilled spirit with familiar flavours of juniper, coriander & geranium. The exotic South African botanicals- found only in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape- are blended with pristine Swedish water.

Spice Drops is a great way to bring quality flavours in powerful drops! This rosemary, rose & grapefruit version is floral, herbal & zesty.

London Essence & Co crafted soda use distilled essences to create light & elegant mixers that are naturally low in calories. They are soooo delicieux!



- 50 ml Ceder’s Classic
- 20 ml fresh lime juice
- 20ml pink grapefruit juice
- 20 ml honey water with Rosemary, Rose & Grapefruit
- pinch of salt (optional)

-Top London Essence & Co. crafted soda Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena


Rosemary & Grapefruit Slice




Build ingredients in a rocks glass & fill with ice. Top it with London Essence crafted soda, stir to combine the ingredients, garnish et voila!

Raise your glass and say santé!