Raspberry Glow


raspberry glow cocktail

Nurture your skin with this delicious cocktail. Win win les amis!


Raspberry We Are Vitness Syrup

  1. Combine equal parts hot water and raspberry We Are Vitness powder

  2. Stir until dissolved

  3. Add manuka honey to taste

  4. Keep the syrup in the fridge
    (it will last a week)


La Maison Wellness is doing a collaboration with Holland & Barrett creating cocktails and helping them build their range of Free From, a selection of non-alcoholic delicious products.
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Seedlip is an alternative to gin & pioneer of the non alcoholic spirit market. They have a range of different expressions. This is a zesty, citrus-forward blend of three types of orange & uplifting spice distillates.

We Are Vitness make delicious powdered supplements scientifically formulated to improve the way your skin looks and feels.

Remedy Kombucha make a range of tasty organic drinks using traditional methods- just as you would in your own kitchen!

Noughty Non-alcoholic sparkling wine is produced with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes & de-alcoholised using a patented technique without additional sugar or aromas. Delicieux!



- 30ml Seedlip Grove 42
- 20ml Raspberry We Are Vitness syrup
- 60ml Remedy Raspberry Kombucha
- 60ml Noughty Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine


Pink Grapefruit & Raspberry


Rock Glass


Build Seedlip + raspberry syrup over ice in a rocks glass, give a gentle stir to mix ingredients, top with Kombucha & Non Alcoholic sparkling wine et voila!

Raise your glass and say santé!

raspberry glow