Spritz Time


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A delicous low-alcoholic spritz that’s so refreshing!


Notes & Favourite Flavours

Everleaf is a bittersweet, non-alcoholic aperitif made from sustainably-sourced botanicals. It’s beautifully aromatic: with vanilla & saffron, gentian & iris, vetiver, orange blossom, voodoo lily & acacia; giving a texture & length that’s new to the non-alcoholic drinks market.

The Bitter Note has all the flavour of a traditional Italian herbal bitter liqueur, with none of the alcohol! The 7 aromatics give a gorgeous aroma of bitter notes, fresh mint & rhubarb

Lindeman’s Sparkling Wines are at least 25% lower in calories & alcohol when compared with traditional wine. The flavour is crisp & fresh, with notes of lemon & lime, a subtle creaminess & a light, crisp finish


Measure ingredients into highball, fill to the top with ice & give a gentle stir to combine, garnish et voila!

Raise your glass and say santé!



- 40ml Everleaf or The Bitter Note
- 60ml Alcohol-Free Lindeman’s Sparkling Wine
- 60ml Sparkling Water


Slice of Orange



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