Tea Time



Find your inner balance with this bittersweet refresher


Notes & Favourite Flavours

La Maison Wellness is doing a collaboration with OTO CBD creating cocktails that amplify the moment.

Together we showcase drinks that are not about losing yourself, but about connecting to the present.

Caleño is a non-alcoholic “spirit” made from a tropical infusion of juniper, citrus & spiced botanicals: sweet, yet tangy, with pineapple, mango & citrus flavours


Build ingredients directly into glass, top with ice & stir to combine flavours. Garnish et voila!

Raise your glass and say santé!



- 60ml Ice Tea

-30ml Maple Lemonade

-20ml Caleño

-3 dashes OTO Bitters


Grapefruit + Lemon




Ice Tea

  1. Combine 4 tea-bags/ scoops of loose leaves with 4 cups of hot water

  2. Leave until fully steeped (no more than 10 mins) then remove the tea. Over-steeping will create a bitter flavour.

  3. Transfer to the fridge until cold

  4. It will keep a week

Maple Lemonade

  1. Combine 3 unwaxed lemons (roughly chopped), 1/4 cup maple syrup & 500ml of cold water in a blender

  2. Blend until the lemon is finely chopped

  3. Sieve the mixture & press to release any juice left

  4. Dilute with a further 500ml cold water

  5. Store in the fridge it will keep a week