Zesty Rumish



A non-alcoholic twist on the classic Old Cuban cocktail. Simply delicieux!


Honey water

Honey water is a great way to balance your cocktail without adding anything nasty or making to sweet.

  1. Pick a good quality of honey ideally something for your local famers. Did you know that eating honey that has been made in your area can help with allergies like hay fever as the bees have pollinated in flowers you are in contact with.

  2. Equal part honey and hot water

  3. Stir until you melt the honey

  4. Keep the honey water in the fridge
    (it will last a week)


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Rumish is anon alcolic spirit and an alternative to rum, with zero sugar and packed with flavors
Using the same spices you typically will find in the classic spirit such as vanilla from madagascar and nutmeg its a perfect replacement to make your favourite rum cocktails alcohol free.

Noughty is a beautifully created non alcoholic sparkling wine is produced using 100% organic Chardonnay grapes as part of a vegan production method. It is then dealcoholised using a specialised extraction technique and lightly carbonated to give it its essential bubbles.

The result is a crisp, elegant wine with subtle aromas that can beautifully echo equivalent alcoholic sparkling wines.  

For the Honey water i used Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey the quality is great and it tastes incredible.



- 50ml Rumish
- 20ml fresh lime juice
- 20ml manuka honey water
- Small handful mint - Top Top up with Noughty Non Alcoholic wine


Mint sprig




Pour the Rumish, the fresh lime juice, the honey water and add a few mint leaves into a shaker.
Shake hard and not for long.
Fine strain into a coupette
Top up with Noughty Non Alcoholic wine
Garnish with mint et voila!

Raise your glass and say santé!